Wednesday, April 18, 2018

What Day is Mother's Day 2018?

Mother's Day 2018 is on 13th of May, 2018.

When is Mother's Day Celebrated?

Mother's Day 2018

In most of the countries mother's day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May. People celebrate mother's day to appreciate their mother's doings.

Mother's day was founded by Anna Jarvis in 1907. It was Anna Jarvis's idea to celebrate mother's day to honor all the mothers in this world. As we all know how much our mother loves and cares about us.

Being a mother is a very difficult duty and yet a mother never complaints about it. People in the world appreciated this idea of celebrating mother's day and now mostly everyone celebrates mother's day in this world. People try their best to make their mother happy and smile. Just the way a mother make her children smile.

Mother is someone who loves you endlessly and cares about you. She never complaints about anything and yet she has no demands. A mother is someone who understands your pain better than anyone else in this entire world. She can easily tell if you are in pain and she easily takes that pain away. Even if we spend our rest of the life in paying back our mother for what she did, still we can't make it.

Mother is someone who gives you everything you want and yet never asks anything in return. We find satisfaction in useless things and she finds satisfaction in her children's smile. A smile is enough for a mother, that's all she cares about. Keeping her children happy is what makes her feel great. This is how great mother's love is.

She keeps you in her belly for 9 months and that's why no one can understand a child better than his mother. She is the closest person to you in this world. A mother can take place of anyone very easily. But no one in the world can replace a mother.

Happy mother's day!

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